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Thunderbeat: A surgical device used to divide the hepatocolic ligament and other soft tissue attachments in a colectomy procedure

Mark has produced many stunning surgical illustrations that highlight Olympus’ hallmark energy device, Thunderbeat. His images clarify complex ideas and assist my sales team in explaining the use of the product to our customers. Time and again, Mark’s illustrations exceed our expectations. He always meets deadlines and stays within budget. It’s nice to work with a pro!

Deanna Hirzel
Sr. Procedure Manager | Surgical Energy
Olympus America, Inc

LeMaitre UnBalloon: A non-occlusive modeling catheter with Nitinol mesh allows for expansion without occluding blood flow

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mark over the years. His ability to so beautifully and accurately present our products is impressive. He combines artistic skill with a deep knowledge of medicine and anatomy to produce dynamic illustrations for our marketing programs.

Kimberly L. Cieslak
Vice President, Marketing 
LeMaitre Vascular, Inc

ArmourSorb®: Durable and absorbent surgical shield prevents tissue abrasion from high-speed surgical instruments

We knew that we needed a custom illustration for our client's marketing campaign which demonstrated their product's use during brain surgery. Working with Mark was incredibly easy. He nailed the illustration in a way that captured the product's application as well as its technical features. 

Becky McKinnell

Alzheimer’s disease: Metal chaperone therapy

Mark’s ability to conceptualize very difficult scientific processes for a monograph that we created was beyond what we thought possible. His ability to ask key questions and work with our entire team - scientists, design professionals and communication staff - in order to create a series of images that lay people could understand was nothing short of astonishing. His illustrations were true works of art that perfectly explained the science behind Alzheimer’s disease. 

Timothy W. Armour
President and CEO
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Gemicel™ is a novel dual release system designed to enable oral targeted delivery of biologics, including live biotherapeutics such as vegetative bacteria and bacterial spores, vaccines, complex macromolecules and genetic materials, as well as small molecules, to the lower GI tract

Mark was a true partner in creating an animation for our Gemicel™ targeted drug delivery system. Our entire team appreciated his time and patience, and the creativity he brought to the project. It was a pleasure working with Mark, and we look forward to collaborating on future projects!

JP Benya
Vice President, Commercial
Assembly Biosciences, Inc.