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Mark Lefkowitz infuses his animations with the same distinctive style and medical and scientific accuracy as his illustrative work. He works closely with his clients to bring their stories to life - explaining complex scientific processes clearly and compellingly. Mark partners with a select team of board certified medical illustrators to produce both 2D and 3D animations. 

At the outset, Mark identifies a client’s objectives, and reviews their timeline and budget. 


Mark develops the main concepts into a full story, and determines the script, shot sequence and cameral angles. Once this is finalized, he develops storyboards, layouts, model sheets, and animatics.


Based on the guidelines established and approvals received in pre-production, a 3D version of the storyboard is brought to life. Building models, setting up camera angles and the composition of models are just a few of the steps taken to produce a rough-cut animation.


In this last stage, compositing, sound and video editing, voiceover, sound effects, music and captions are completed to produce the final video, which is delivered in the client’s choice of format.